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Marcos Cojab X Silver Skull 

@scopeartshow Miami Art Basel


Artist: Marcos Cojab

Artistic Name: .ALQUIMIAMC.

Mexican architect, born and raised in Mexico City. 

Cojab started designing and creating sculptures in 2014.  His signature style encompasses beautifully intricate and original designs, executed in a proprietary production process that leverages the unique properties of Sterling silver, twenty-four carat gold, copper, bronze and fiberglass, among other unique materials.

The pieces themselves are born of a polyester and fiber glass cold-casted core, and then plated using electrodeposition, through which they are initially covered with a .015 inch-thick layer of copper and then with an additional layer of pure Sterling silver, copper or gold (twenty-four carat).

.ALQUIMIAMC. heirloom pieces are also known for their unique use of Niello inlays to create a contrast with other materials. Niello is a black mixture, usually of sulphur, copper and silver, added as a powder or paste, and then softened and allowed to flow into the engraved lines of the base metal. Although used in traditional art for hundred of years, Niello is used to unique and breathtaking effect in .ALQUIMIAMC. pieces.

Cojab’s ornate and exquisite designs have found a passionate following in galleries and art collections, and are being displayed by a growing number of discerning personal collectors all around the world. They are a manifestation of his addiction to high design and his passion for the use of skulls as a personal artistic expression. Worldwide from Art Fairs, Museums, Galleries, all the way to private collectors from all around the globe. (Miami Art Basel, NY Scope, Wynwood Art Paris FIAC, Zona Maco, among many others).

For Cojab, skulls uniquely juxtapose a simplicity of form to a more visceral depth of feeling. He is inspired by Mexico’s Art Culture & his various trips around the world, when his passion for Calaveras (Skulls) reconnect his creativity to engender a piece in wish all his experience reconnect to give life to his art.  Cojab uses the unique properties of Sterling silver, twenty-four carat gold, copper, bronze and fiberglass, among other unique materials to Plate his art work to add yet another layer of meaning to the pieces, imparting to them a near-hypnotic and eerie quality. Cojab’s unique blend of talent, cutting edge techniques and ethnic sensibilities make him one of the emerging artists to watch.



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